My approach at the Ansel Adams style

As any landscape photographer, I am a big fan of the legendary American photographer Ansel Adams. I have also for a long time followed the French photographer Serge Ramelli, who lately has had a series of videos on his YouTube channel about how to take landscape photographs in the style of Ansel Adams. This inspired…Les mer My approach at the Ansel Adams style


Bridges of Bern, BW edition

I saw this video by Brendan van Son yesterday, about a photo he took in Bern, Switzerland. It reminded me of the one I took there almost two years ago. Brendan took his photo from the high bridge in the background, and it is much nicer than mine, as it is taken at sunset while…Les mer Bridges of Bern, BW edition

Stockholm: variations on a theme

I have finally got around to editing all of my photos from our trip to Stockholm around New Year. I have been way to busy with work, setting up a media server in my home and loading it with all our music and DVDs and lots of other stuff. When looking through my photos I…Les mer Stockholm: variations on a theme

Foggy Winter

We've had a few weeks of really cold winter weather here in the Eastern parts of Norway lately, with temperatures roughly around -15ᴼC. This weekend the temperature rose to just a few degrees below zero, brought by some mild and humid air from the south. This also brought fog, and I saw a chance to…Les mer Foggy Winter

Happy new year!

The new year is a few days old as I post this, and I feel it is quite descriptive of how my blogging has been the last year. I can only hope that in 2016 I will be better at posting consistently and more on time. Today's photo is a somewhat rare photo from me,…Les mer Happy new year!

November Sunrise

One good thing about winter is that you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to catch the sunrise. At this time of year the sun gets up around 8.30 where I live. Of course, in order to get the best light you have to be in place earlier than that,…Les mer November Sunrise

Time for Christmas shopping!

Norsk utgave av dette innlegget kommer om noen dager. It's November, and you may have started thinking about Christmas gifts. Perhaps you should give someone a beautiful photo to hang on the wall this year. Or why not treat yourself to one? If you buy now you can be certain that you recieve your photos in time…Les mer Time for Christmas shopping!

Capturing the lunar eclipse

I decided to write this post in English, just to see what happens. Maybe more people will read it, maybe less. And maybe I'll write more in English in the future. I don't know, it'll kind of be up to the statistics to decide. And now to the point. Some time ago we had this…Les mer Capturing the lunar eclipse