Rediscovering old images

I've been using cameras for more than forty years now, since I was eleven years old. For almost thirty years, I shot only on film. I never had access to a darkroom, so I always had to send the exposed films to a lab of some sort and get back the film and prints. At…Les mer Rediscovering old images

Finally getting out again

Finally, after a long period of no photography, I managed to get out again.

Digitizing film negatives with darktable

Many of us who have lived for a while have lots of old negatives lying around in drawers and boxes in the back corner of a closet. And many of the younger generation have recently discovered a “new” kind of photography: Film photography, or analog photography as they tend to call it. Digging out their…Les mer Digitizing film negatives with darktable

A night in the mountains. Part 2/2, Sunrise

If you haven't read Part 1, please go ahead and do so here. When I packed up and left the location of my sunset shoot, I had this idea that I might get the chance to do some star photography during the darkest hours of the night. But as the night progressed and I was…Les mer A night in the mountains. Part 2/2, Sunrise

A summer night in the mountains. Part 1/2, Sunset

This summer I had a few days to my self at our cabin in Valdres, Norway. One day I decided to drive to Valdresflya, which is a mountain area just outside Jotunheimen National Park. I wanted to spend the night there, so I could get both the sunset and the following sunrise. I also wanted…Les mer A summer night in the mountains. Part 1/2, Sunset

Print med blomster

Endret: Printler har dessverre opphørt, men er du fortsatt interessert i bilder kan du ta kontakt med meg direkte via kontaktsiden min. Er du på utkikk etter et nytt bilde til å ha på veggen? Kanskje du pusser opp stua eller har nylig flyttet til nytt hus eller ny leilighet? Da ønsker du deg kanskje noe…Les mer Print med blomster

Flower print series

Edit: Printler is unfortunately out of business, but if you are interested in my prints you can contact me directly via my contact page. Are you on the lookout for a new picture to have on your wall? Maybe you are redecorating your living room or you have moved recently to a new house or apartment.…Les mer Flower print series

Darktable map view

For many, it is important to keep track of where their images are taken. Darktable makes this easy for everyone, regardless of whether a given camera has built in GPS or not. The easiest is of course to have a camera with GPS, but unless you take your pictures with your phone, this is not…Les mer Darktable map view

Darktable preferences, part 2

In part 1 of the preferences videos I went through the GUI options tab of the preferences dialog in darktable. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you take a look here. In part 2 of the series I go through the rest of the options, divided into four more tabs: Core options, Session options,…Les mer Darktable preferences, part 2