Foggy Winter

We’ve had a few weeks of really cold winter weather here in the Eastern parts of Norway lately, with temperatures roughly around -15ᴼC. This weekend the temperature rose to just a few degrees below zero, brought by some mild and humid air from the south. This also brought fog, and I saw a chance to go out and get some nice high key images.


Old house in fog

This abandoned house slowly disappears into the woods as young trees grow up all around it, letting nature reclaim what man once cleared.

Waiting for Spring

The bare branches of a birch tree are patiently waiting for Spring to return.


Foggy island 2

A small island in the lake is barely visible.


Have you seen my deep dives in the archives?


Still standing strong

A dead pine tree still standing tall. Old habits die hard, I guess.


Into the woods

The path leads on into the unknown. Dare you follow?

Have a look at my landscape gallery.

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