Grosnez Point, Jersey

Imagine an open moorland with not a tree in sight. The summer sun is shining from a bright blue sky and the ground is bursting with yellow, purple and green. To the North and West the ocean stretches towards the horizon which is broken by a few islands in the distant haze. On the clifftop,…Les mer Grosnez Point, Jersey


Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey

In the Northeastern corner of Jersey lies a world of it's own, filled with exotic animals that you would never expect to come across in this part of the world. Many of them you would be extremely lucky to encounter in any part of the world, as numbers are declining. The park is run by…Les mer Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey

Portelet Bay, Jersey

On the south coast of Jersey lies a small bay with an interesting story, the story of Janvrin's Tomb, which is not a tomb after all. If you take out from St Helier towards the west about 8 km and follow signs towards Portelet bay you end up in a parking lot near a pub called Portelet…Les mer Portelet Bay, Jersey

Photo location: La Corbière Lighthouse

I must admit I have a certain fascination for lighthouses. I haven't photographed many, but whenever I see one, I get a feeling of safety. Their function is to guide the seafarers and to warn about dangerous coastlines, leading the way to safe ports. I have a childhood memory about lighthouses. There was one quite…Les mer Photo location: La Corbière Lighthouse

Stockholm: variations on a theme

I have finally got around to editing all of my photos from our trip to Stockholm around New Year. I have been way to busy with work, setting up a media server in my home and loading it with all our music and DVDs and lots of other stuff. When looking through my photos I…Les mer Stockholm: variations on a theme