Time for Christmas shopping!

Norsk utgave av dette innlegget kommer om noen dager.

It’s November, and you may have started thinking about Christmas gifts. Perhaps you should give someone a beautiful photo to hang on the wall this year. Or why not treat yourself to one? If you buy now you can be certain that you recieve your photos in time for christmas.

My collection of images has been growing over this last year, and I have picked out some favorites for you to choose from. You are of course also more than welcome to browse my other galleries, 500px page and Flickr page, as there might be hidden gems that are just the right one for you.

My price list refers to prices in Norwegian Kroner for prints on photo paper without a frame. I can also deliver prints on other media, like canvas or aluminium. As these are more expensive to produce, the price will be higher, reflecting the added production cost. Just specify what media and size you want, and I’ll give you a quote.

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