I haven’t been out taking pictures much lately, and even less showing new images to the world. Yesterday I finally pulled myself together, got up early on a Saturday and headed to a local woodland. It felt great. When I returned home after a few hours, I was refreshed and exited like I hadn’t been in months. I have had too much other stuff on my mind, so there just hasn’t been time. Or rather, I haven’t got my priorities right. I have had too much to do at work, I have spent a lot of time scanning old negatives (more on that in the next post, stay tuned!) and I am trying to sell a house in a slow market.

But after yesterday, I decided that I need to do more of all the things I want to do but postpone all the time:

  • Do more photography
  • Start making YouTube videos again
  • Reorganize my online presence and this website.

So what was the outcome of yesterday’s little adventure?


There is this little valley with a stream running through it. The stream is eroding the banks, and trees growing along the stream sooner or later loos their foothold and fall over. The trees are left to themselves, crisscrossing the stream, and this creates interesting patterns and lines. By taking care to leave the sky out, I am left with a certain minimalism in the chaos, where the compositions are dominated by the white water and mossy, green tree trunks.


I also have a certain fascination for old, rotting tree stumps. They often contain a fantasy world of their own, with miniature landscapes and interesting shapes. If I find the right one, I can spend hours exploring it.

I found this one on my way back to the car. I had packed my gear, but I couldn’t resist. I especially love roots that are creeping out above ground.


I circled it for a while, trying to reveal its secrets. Then I noticed an animal’s legs:


So what is your winter like? Is it like it should be in your part of the world, or is it like here, more like two or three months later? We should have a whole lot of snow and temperatures well below freezing, instead we’ve got this.

I’d love it if you check back soon for more, I promise to make more content in the future than I have done lately.

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