Flower print series

Edit: Printler is unfortunately out of business, but if you are interested in my prints you can contact me directly via my contact page.

Are you on the lookout for a new picture to have on your wall? Maybe you are redecorating your living room or you have moved recently to a new house or apartment. Then you may want something new to have on your walls, something that will look good in a modern environment dominated by subdued neutral colours.

I have recently picked some of my best flower closeups and edited them again to create a series of images in a coherent, modern style. They feature a limited colour palette and let the main subject stand out from a nicely blurred background. I think these images will contribute to a relaxed atmosphere in your home or office.

All images are currently only available in my Printler shop. You can have a look at the images below, and click the images to buy.

Wood anemone 1

Wood anemone 2

Lily of the valley

Tiger lily


White orchid

Spore capsule


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