Darktable preferences, part 1

An important part of any software is the preferences, or settings dialog. In here you can to a varying degree customize your experience to suit you tastes or needs. Some applications let you change just about anything, others are more restrictive, but there are almost always things you can do to feel more at home. Darktable is no exception.

Darktable works very well right out of the box, but there will always be something you can change to make it a little bit better just for you. So what are you waiting for? Click the cogwheel and start exploring all the options. You’ll find the cogwheel at the right hand side of the upper panel. Don’t see it? Then the upper panel is probably disabled. Click the little white triangle at the very top of your screen to enable it.

The preferences open in a separate window. Along the top is a row of tabs with different categories: GUI options, Core options, Session options, Shortcuts and Presets. If you have Lua scripts installed, there will also be a tab called Lua options.

In this video I go through the GUI options tab. These options are all about how the interface behaves, like your choice of language, what to do when you delete images, what metedata to appply automatically on import, and a whole lot more.

In the next video I’ll go through the other tabs. Until then, enjoy this video:

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