On the evening of one of the immensely hot days we have had here in Norway lately, I took a trip to Fetsund and the timber booms museum there. I have been there once before, a few years ago. There were some nice clouds in the sky so I had hopes for a few good sunset photos.

The sun was low in the sky, there was not a breath of wind, and the air was still quite hot at 10 pm. Therefore I was still in t-shirt and shorts, which I would soon regret. I parked my car at the Visitor Centre Wetland and walked down the walkway along the water to look for a photo location. I found the spot where I took the photos in this post, but the place was guarded by an army of mosquitoes. Even though I had taken care to use a quite effective mosquito repellent, they attacked me in vast numbers, driving me back to the car. For five minutes I just sat there, killing mosquitoes that had come in with me one by one.

I then drove back to the main parking area of the museum and took a stroll around to look for other photo spots. I didn’t really find anything, so I put on some other clothes and went back to where I’d been before. This time I had better protection, but the attackers were still at it. I quickly put up my tripod and found these two compositions as the last hint of sun swept across the landscape.

Timber Floater's Cabin

Fetsund, Norway, 2018

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