Just after sunset, late April. The lake is like a mirror, the air completely still. An old wooden boat is moored by the tiny beach. It is afloat but looking abandoned and disused. Nobody has bothered to empty it after the last rainfall. Patiently it waits for somebody to row it again.

Sunset Boat

Enebakk, Norway, 2015

This image is one of my favourites. It is by far my most popular image on ClickaSnap and the only one that has ever won me anything. It is taken not far from where I live, in Enebakk, Norway. Three bracketed RAW exposures developed in Darktable, merged in Macrofusion and the final image edited in Gimp.

I entered this image in a local photography contest centered around the beautiful landscapes of our municipality. It came in second place, which I was very happy about.Which one is your most popular image? Let me know in the comments.

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Source: Sunset Boat

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